[open] todayibuild || builder portfolio


Hey! My name is todayibuild, and this post will be showing you my skills in developing as a Roblox builder. I am completely new to group collaboration, but I am known for showing traits as a leader throughout my careers in the real world.


My portfolio website can be viewed here: https://sites.google.com/view/todayibuild/home?authuser=2&read_current=1

I am known to be more of a low-poly builder. I have some skills in meshing, but prefer to group parts together.


weekdays: 1-2 hours maximum
weekends: 5-6 hours negotiable

I am a student in high school, so my schedule is very lackluster and will change based off of my time and commitment to extracurriculars.


Most of my pricing is negotiable, however, I am more fond towards an hourly wage, but will accept project-based payment as well.

contact me

You are completely welcome to contact me here on the Developer Forums. I also have a discord: todayibuild#5718

Thank you for reading! Hopefully we can work together someday.