[OPEN] Top-Tier Building, Programming, and UI creation

Hi there - I am jvstaldjni. I am a 16 year old developer that makes premium-quality builds, UI, and scripts. I have been honing my skills on ROBLOX for over 3 years, and am very happy to offer my services to anybody who is dedicated to the creation of a game/ games. I actively communicate with anybody who commissions me, and provide quick yet skillfully-made products.

Below are a few examples of my work. This is a small collection of carefully-screened pieces of work, because the quality of my work has greatly improved overtime, and only a few of my recent projects have come to match it. For your ease, I have divided this up into multiple sections.

🔨 Building

I would say my most widely used and developed skill is building. My most recent projects shows this skill:


🖥️ Programming

Programming is much harder to showcase, because I cannot visibly show my code without my work staying my work. Here are some general overviews of the scripting projects I have completed:

  • An administrative command system that includes warning, kicking, banning, bring-to command, and more:

  • An in-game ranking system that allows for unlimited rank levels, and more flexibility regarding rank selling. This system is essentially a new version of the roblox group ranking that is easier for games to configure and is more flexible… These ranks save into the game instead of a ROBLOX group which allows for less downtime and more development flexibility:

  • Multiple discord verification bots… using a GUI - to - Discord system that STARTS with the GUI.

  • An advanced shop system that includes pets, particles, trails, rank selling, permissions selling, and much more:

  • An advanced check-in system for hotels and resorts:
    Watch Demo Here

In addition to the few works above, I have also programmed complex vehicles, guns, cafe ordering systems, and inventory systems.

🖌️ User Interface

Additionally, I have the ability to program and create complex user interface systems. Here are a few examples:

Watch Demo Here (TURN ON VOLUME)

User interface creation is my least developed skill, however I have the ability to create stylish interfaces that adhere to almost every game’s style. Because this is a more experimental service, I charge slightly less for it.

🔎 Project List

Below is a list of projects I have completed since the creation of this portfolio along with upcoming projects.

Completed Commissions

In-Progress Commmissions

Due to a high in-flow of commissions, it may take a slightly longer amount of time for your project to be completed.

:white_check_mark: - My commissions are currently OPEN to:

  • Building :hammer:
  • User Interface Creation :paintbrush:
  • Programming :desktop_computer:

:x: - My commissions are currently CLOSED to (unless extra money is paid):

  • N/A

I actively communicate with everyone who commissions me and provide good results, consistently. I will discuss prices with you ONCE you contact me. This is because I participate in a large variety of projects, and cannot put a price tag on your specific request. If you wish to view my past prices, you may view the “Project List” section of showcasing… KEEP IN MIND: prices may have risen from past projects due to an increase in skill, commission amounts, or other factors since the time of that commission.

I am available on most days of the week from 5-9 PM EST, and throughout the weekend.

Commissioning Terms of Agreement

In commissioning jvstaldjni, said user agrees to the following:

  • They will pay at the start of the commission a security deposit equal to 30% of the total project, and will pay the other 70% at the finish. If one decides to not pay fully for the work after commissioning it, this security deposit will not be refunded.
  • They will not get a refund unless jvstaldjni is unable to complete said project.
  • In the case that said user decides against fully paying for the work, they agree that the creation can be re-sold and is the sole property of jvstaldjni.
  • Said user will have no studio access to the project until the finish, however they can request to view the project.
  • Said user agrees to fully pay for their work before receiving it.

Contact me on the Discord platform aldini#2501, or via my creations server:

Or, if you do not wish to communicate via Discord, contact me in private messages on the developer forum.

Thank you for reading. :smiley:


How much do you charge for your builds?

It depends based on your need, I am planning to update this further today, but I would say I charge in the middle of range in comparison to other developers.

Alright, I have updated the portfolio!

Hi there! I sent a friend request through discord as your server invitation is no longer valid. Looking forward to working with you!

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I really Like you builds!..

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate the positive comments.

My commissions have reopened again! I am available for all services…
Or contact me here on devforum.

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