[OPEN] Tower Dungeon! hiring long-term back-end scripter!

About Us

Hey everything and thanks for checking in on this topic. we are a group of developers for a current project which goes by the name "Tower Of Dungeons!, or for short “Tower Dungeon!”. We’re looking for a Back-End Programmer capable of working alongside the Back-End scripter to produce a game of the best quality possible.

The Game

“Tower Dungeon!”, is a dungeon-crawler based grinding game. Where player’s will be able to pick their class & enter into a variety of different dungeon’s in teams of up to 4 which are comprised of multiple floors players will have to climb and face against different monster’s available and battle against player’s. Npc’s roam the “city” which will work as the hub giving quests and allowing for the player to auction armor, upgrade armor and becoming the greatest “Player”. Player’s will also be able to participate in pvp arena’s and test there unique build’s against other player’s & also face against raids which are special dungeons allowing for teams of up to 12 players.

The Team
@RS_downbad - Creative Lead - Game Design, Sound Design, SFX
@(Vacant) - Content Developer - Game Design, Back-end Programmer
@DogeFriend2 - Content Developer - Front-end Programmer
@ExZeret - Standard Developer - Meshing/Modelling
@Plasticshopbag - Standard Developer - Game-play Animator
@RS_Ferd - Map Contractor/Senior Developer - Game Design, Map Builder/Designer.

Game Link here: Tower Dungeons - Roblox

About The Job

I’m looking for a reliable long term Back-End programmer that has good communications skills (preferably vc available at most time), we have not a lot of content to add to the game to push the game to the Pre-Alpha stage or for general first-testing.

Please do make sure that you know you are a capable programmer that is highly flexible with your field of expertise. You will be doing various tasks which could range from creating party systems and a character slot/save-slot system to allow for multiple characters under one account to fully functional and detailed NPC Ai for bosses and monster’s as-well as a class system and other intricate details to make for a generally enjoyable and replayable game!

It would be very beneficial if you have at least a rough idea of any of the listed: SAO (Anime/Manga), Solo Levelling (Manga), Dungeon Quest (ROBLOX Game), Tower Of God (Manga/Anime) and Ranker Who Lives a Second Time (Manga), Elder Scrolls Online (Game) or any form of experience or knwoledge with Dungeon or MMO games.

As some of you many assume, this games goal is to be a very refined Dungeon-Crawler with new and un-used systems unseen before on the platform to allow for a fresh breath of air for fans of MMO games, which aspires to have multiple-in-depth features to stand out from its competitors we are in need of a programmer that knows what they are doing as creativity, skills, communications, teamwork, experience will be tested. The goal is to ensure a top quality game that will be able to satisfy its fan base to the fullest as well as raising the standard bar within the Roblox Dungeon-Crawler/ PvE orientated game community.


the payment can be delivered in R$/USD in per or in a bundle and can be discussed depending on the tasks that you have done and completed, payment will be based on the quality of your work, teamwork/communication and speed/pace of which you deliver the task fully completed at a good standard, a percentage is discussable and available to be provided (& recommended) and also open for a raise dependent on the game’s quality as well as how credible you can prove to be over-time. Payment can be discussed upon contact!

Contact Info

Preferably contact me through discord or dev-forum private messages.

Discord- @keekz#2884
Twitter- @E9Keekz

Roblox Username- imnotkeekz
Discord Server- Discord

Alternative Contact in case where I’m unavailable:

Lead Moderator’s discord-

  • 7th Nameless#5555 |
  • FilthySleepy#8985 |

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading!

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