[Open] TrixRoBX - Gameplay Programmer

About Me

Hello good afternoon,

My name is TrixRoBX or Trix, I am offering my services as a Gameplay Programmer. I have background knowledge in many programming languages such as JavaScript, C, Ruby, and Python. I also have experience with Machine Learning algorithms and Database Management.

Availability Options

I am available for 8 hours during business days [Monday - Friday]. [Saturday - Sunday] are reserved for some off time, but if any big issues arise I will be available to jump on and correct them.

Payment Options

Prices are negotiable, I accept only hourly pay by USD via paypal (Please have a contract written up for me to sign).

Social Links

Twitter LinkedIn Github
If you are looking for actual code then here (not Lua code, just some well crafted JavaScript)

Places worked at

Lionhearts: Crusade



Boss Studios

Monster Legends

Emita City RP

Clicking Dimensions

Contact Options

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at Trix#4454.

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Hey bud,

Sent you an add on discord to talk about an opening!

Kind regards,