[OPEN] TurtleDeveloping's Portfolio | 3D Modeler

Commissions status: Open :green_circle:

Hello! My name It’s TurtleDeveloping, AKA “Turtle”. I’m a 17 years old 3D Modeler with 4 or 5 years experience in Blender. I’ve worked in games like Lifting Titans. I’m specialized in almost all types of modeling, such as low, mid, high poly, subdivision workflow, 2D Models, etc. I’m also specialized in almost every texturing manner. I’m also a fanatic of optimization, trying to make each of my models friendly with low end and high end devices.

3D Models!

UGC Concepts

I’m available all week, I usually work 6 to 8 hours a day, from 8am to 4pm. I could extend my work hours depending on how big the commission is, and how limited the deadline Its. (I’ll link a trello on the bottom where you can check my availability and special events! Obviously this is optional, If you want your project to stay confidential It won’t be added into the Trello.)
Click here to check my Trello!

My prices per model could depend on how big or small they are, the complexity or dimensions as mentioned earlier, so my prices could go from 1k Robux to 1M+ depending on how big the commission is! (We could work out the payment and negotiation basing off your budget, or how much you’re planning to spend!)

I’m currently only accepting group funds, USD, and percentage payments (I’m only accepting percentage if I’m convinced about the project.) I’ll soon accept shirt and gamepass payments.

You can contact me through Discord (Turtle#0362), Twitter (@TurtleDevelopi1) or through Devforum. (I’m always on Discord, so contacting me through Discord would be more efficient!)

Thanks for reading!


Hello, just wanting to ask how do you texture your models? thanks–

Hey! sorry for my late response, I texture my items in blender with “Uv Unwrapping” feature!