[OPEN] UhVentures Graphic Portfolio


Greetings, I am a Graphic Designer with 2 years of experience. I took a break from ROBLOX to clear my mind, and now I am back and better than ever! Last year, I decided to take a big leap and move from Paint.Net & Blender to C4D (and Blender 2.8) and Photoshop. It took me some time, but my other portfolios show that I have improved very much.

This portfolio will continue to be updated when new work is added for easier access to new customers.


Logos/Group Icons


Full Set



I am available every day from the time 4:00 - 10:00 PM [Eastern Standard Time]


Prices are set on the commission chart down below, I prefer Group Funds, but you can pay through T-shirt, however, you must cover the taxes on the shirt, if you can not then the graphic will not be given to you.


You can contact me via Discord at UhVentures#1156.

Commission Sheet

Thanks for reading my portfolio!


Hello, I am interested! Your discord doesn’t seem to work, can you give me a new one please?

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It’s UhVentures#1156

Apologies for that issue!


If you are still accepting commissions I would love to order from you. Your discord seems to be invalid, may you give me a new one?

Hey! This current discord user name appears to not be working. Would you be able to update it? Thanks :smiley:

I have quit making graphics, I model now.