[OPEN] UnknownName_0's Building & Modeling Portfolio


About Me

Greetings, I am Marius. A 3D modeler and builder, 4+ years experience (started really focusing in 2017)

I mainly build low poly but med poly is also a option.


You can view my development/portfolio game here.

My Game Development Showcase



I am available 5 to 6 hours everyday. You can always come in contact me with regarding concerns or questions.

Payment :robux_gold:

Prices are negotiable, I accept pay monthly or per asset. My preferred payment method is group funds. But I can also take robux via gamepasses. It is also a option I can come join your team along.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, Twitter and Discord:

  • @RealUnknownN4me
  • @UnknownName_0
  • HimMarius#6936

Thanks for reading! :roblox_light:

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