[OPEN&UPDATED] KelzieDraws - 2D Artist | Portfolio



Hey, My name is Kelziaa! I’m a 2d artist on the ROBLOX platform. I am looking to create more work for people to improve my art. This post shows all of my examples accompanied with prices. (Sorry for my bad handwriting) If you are interested in ordering, you can message me on Discord, Twitter and here!

Discord: kelz#0001 (no caps)
Twitter: @Kelziaa_


I take payment after I have given you proof of a sketch as sometimes something will come up which might make me unable to do your order, this is unlikely though.

Once payments has been received from me, by ordering my art, you cannot perform a chargeback or attempt to get a refund.

Prices may vary depending to the complexity of the art.

I prefer USD payment but I do take ROBUX - I use Paypal to take USD and I take group funds for ROBUX.


Love the vector art, amazing!


Cute stuff!




Amazing art, great job!:+1:


Bundles will be coming soon, you can still ask me about them though!


Isn’t this drawn art?

Vector looks like this:

Otherwise, nice price sheet, I like the colourful art style


Oh, I had some vector work up, that’s what he called nice.


If you look at the top right you can see I was replying to @CheetahSp33d




The art looks great! I might buy the Game Starter Pack!


I believe this is 10k not 1k, right?



Most likely it is supposed to be 10k, as $35 is worth more than 1k.


A typo it is


will be fixed :slight_smile:


Great Portfolio Kelzie keep up the awesome work. :wink:


SO INTERESTED! Already sent a request.
bxnani ; andrew#1845


Awesome work, and i also like your prices.

Discord: DevJanick#0017 (i have send a friend request)


You mean by me, right?
(Dont mean to get you mad… But just cuz someone can use that against you)