[OPEN] [UPDATED] RealJayDev's Programmer Portfolio

Please be sure to carefully read this from start to finish to eliminate any confusion going forward!

Hey there, I’m RealJayDev. I’m a programmer from the UK and I’ve been working on the Roblox platform for 4 years now!

While I have used Roblox-TS for most of my public projects, I have however spent the last few months getting back into Luau and being caught up on common tooling like Knit, Roact, Promises and more. As such I use tools like Rojo and Visual Studio Code to port this work back to Studio.

You can find me on these platforms:

While I don’t have much listed here right now, you can be assured that this section will be constantly updated with new features and projects I’m working on.

I do also have a portfolio website, though it is currently under renovation and as such is a bit lacklustre.


Clicking Chaos

This is a clicker / simulator game, it was created to test my Roblox-TS usage while also hopefully helping to fund other projects I was working on at the time.

It’s feature list includes:

You can find a link here if you wish to try it out for yourself!

Find the eggs

This was created in just under a week to again test my Roblox-TS usage, while also hoping to admittedly get into the “Find the x” game trend with the general theme being Easter specific as a homage to the old Egg Hunt games. While it didn’t recieve many updates, I do think that its fairly impressive given the short time-span I had to make it.

It’s feature list includes:

You can find a link here if you wish to try it out for yourself!

Tower Fall

This project pretty much exists soley because I really liked Tower Defense games at the time. It was however abandoned due to the concept being too large for me at that time, but may be revisited in future!

It’s feature list includes:

You can find a link here if you wish to try it out for yourself!

Mega Factory Tycoon

Mega Factory Tycoon was designed with the goal of being a modern style take on the classic dropper Tycoons and served as a testing grounds for a custom tycoon framework.

You can find a link here if you wish to try it out for yourself!

Feature showcases
Terrain Generator

While working on these kinds of projects does seem fairly generic in the programmer portfolio space, I did learn quite a bit about perlin noise!

Granted the project right now is fairly basic, I do intend to add things like foliage generation!

You can play it here, feel free to tweak the resolution, frequency and amplitude settings!

You can find some screenshots of it in action here!

Commission work

Weather System

I was commissioned by @Filosoof to create a weather system for their upcoming game(s). I believe the end-result is quite pleasing.

Weather types:

Light rain
Heavy rain


Transitions between different weather types - including sound effect fading
Muffled weather sounds while under cover (i.e. inside a building, under shelter, etc.)
Random thunder sound effects during heavy rain
Player automatically syncs to current weather when they join
Support for clouds + atmosphere

Personal projects

Dad joke Discord bot

This project was created for a group of friends, it gets a random top post from a specific subreddit, creates an embed and posts a joke every 12 hours (that being noon and midnight).

DevEx calculator

This project was actually created in JavaScript for another Discord bot, but then cut off into its own seperate thing. As the name suggests, you provide it with an amount of Robux and it will tell you what that value would be once DevEx’d into USD. Simple as that.

It isn’t the most complex thing in the world, but it works!

It’s open source and on Github, so you can find a link to that here

I am currently accepting all work

I am usually available for communication between 8AM and 6PM GMT Monday through Friday. If I don’t respond right away, I’ll get back to you ASAP.

While prices can be negotiated depending on the work required, I generally operate around a pay-per-hour basis with a rate of $15 USD via PayPal, or 10k robux via group funds transfer.

If you do not have a group, I can do it via t-shirt sales. Though you will have to cover the tax costs.

I do not usually accept % cuts, but can be flexible dependant on what your current or projected earnings are. (20% of 0 robux is still 0)

20% of the commission quote should be paid up-front to provide safety and to prevent scamming.

Please only contact me here on the dev forums via either a reply here or a DM if you wish to speak privately.

Once an agreement has been negotiated, we will exchange Discord or Guilded information so that we can quickly and easily communicate updates / ask questions.

Thanks for reading and I hope to work with you soon!


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Should be fixed now, sorry for the wait :sweat_smile:

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Hey! I’m interested in hiring you! Just one thing are you able to program guns?not exactly fps, but just like tps guns.

If you are…
Username is: SparkRBX#0167

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I have had a few people contact me via DMs offering their discord tags, please make sure to read the whole post first to eliminate absolutely any confusion going forwards!

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We can discuss about Payment JustinLikeMemes#4025

Please I really need Scripter please

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