[OPEN] Vector Design Services


Hello! I’m a graphic artist with years of experience with Photoshop, and am collaborating with another artist to produce various vector designs. Together, we have several years of both Photoshop and Illustrator experience, along with other design programs.

We offer various vector services, ranging from icons to group logos.

We strongly believe in using moodboards during commissions to ensure we’re all on the same page regarding look and design.

Example Graphics



At the moment, our commission price is 50 USD per logo, with two revisions.

For other services, the price is negotiable, and can be discussed via Discord.

The fastest way to contact me is through my Discord, Valerian#3248.


Do you guys have any more Roblox-type examples? Theres nothing wrong with them, but your artboard examples look like they would be logos for something irl.


Not at the moment, unfortunately. We can negotiate a lower price if the lack of examples concerns you - but I can assure you, what you receive will be quality work.


These logo’s are awesome. I might be a potential customer in the future. Very nice and sleek designs.

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Yea these logos look amazing its just that my game portrays a more cartoony feel to it. I’ll be sure to use your services in the future if I need something modern/realistic. Good luck with this and have a good day :sunny:

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The only examples we currently have are of modern logos, as we haven’t done anything cartoony quite yet. We are looking to do cartoony logos however, and we could negotiate if you’re interested in it.


I’ve added a cartoony-isk example logo that we just did.


These logo’s are on point man. Like that cartoony, one hope you get hired soon keep up the good work.

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