[OPEN] verymuchaIpha - Animator for hire (2+ years experience, looking for short/long-term work)

About Me

Hi, I’m verymuchalpha (you can call me Mudder.) I’m looking to work for any type of game that needs animations completed within a set time frame. I’ve worked for a few large games/people including Attack On Titan: Project, Dragon Ball Online Generations, Ninja Burst Online 2, Kaizen (NSO Based Game,) and CrazyCorrs. I have experience with mesh deformation, custom rigs, r15, and r6. I’m willing to discuss payment, animation edits, or anything you need done as long as references or extensive descriptions are provided.


Screen capture - 61a19d36cdec6e05e1c01e4276d03147 - Gyazo Screen capture - a82b2ac7ba1d53f56c0952ca8bb95b10 - Gyazo


I’m available from 9:00 PM EST - 3 AM EST however I generally complete my animations late at night to focus.


I generally charge 5USD per/animation via paypal, however prices can be negotiated depending on the complexity.


You can contact me on discord, my tag is mudder#1000.

Thank you for taking your time to read this, have a great day.

Hey there! I was wondering if you accept robux/% payments.