[OPEN] VIDAR Studios Hiring || R$ / USD

Hello :grin:! I’m looking for developers to work with me on a new game, and help with progressing a new group.

Team Members:

  • @Farsalis - Project Lead & Lead Programmer
  • @AdamEterno - Head Builder
  • @Jupiterc - Artist
  • @username - UIA
  • @username - Scripter
  • @username - Builder
  • @username - Modeler
  • @username - Animator

About VIDAR Studios

Not much to say, I’m the founder of VIDAR Studios and it is a Pretty Awesome group. I’m looking for people who can work with me to make it something even better. To the point – I want people who can make VIDAR Studios a work-friendly environment, that is fun and not hostile. VIDAR Studios will be the base of operations for the game you will be working on.

About The Position

You must be able to communicate in a reasonable time-frame, maintain a professional attitude, receive constructive criticism and give it professionally, and it would be easier if this is the only project you would be working on. Lastly, being able to ask questions and give opinions/ideas on what this game could be, are always wanted.

If you are not able to Communicate within a Reasonable Timeframe and If you can’t fully focus on this Project, e.g. Working for Multiple Groups/Clients. Then this job is NOT for you

For more details about the Positions or Job, DM me on Discord/Forum

Currently, I'm hiring for these positions:
  • UIA(Realistic - High Quality, Multiple Styles)

  • Modeler(Realistic Models and Textures, Multiple Styles)

  • Builder(Realistic Style, Low-Poly Style)

  • Animator(Smooth & Quality Animations)

  • Scripter(Coarse knowledge of Lua)

    Everything You Make Must Be Yours


Payment will be determined on how you help VIDAR Studios grow, and your performance/quality as an individual. All of this will be paid with Robux, Percentage or USD (Combination of % & USD Possible). Current Payment Methods: USD (Paypal), R$ (Group Payout or Shirt/Asset), % (When Game is Released).

Baseline Pay Amount & Options:

  • Scripter: 21 - 23%
  • Builder: 16 - 20% / (Commissioned Per Map, R$/USD)
  • Modeler: 16 - 18 % / (Commissioned Per Month/Week, R$)
  • Animator: 4 - 5 % / (Commissioned Per Animation Set, R$)
  • UIA: 10 - 12 % / (Commissioned Per UI Layout/Menu, R$/USD)

Prices ARE Negotiable

If you have any questions for payment (In other Forms), message me on discord or reply to this post. And I will respond within a timely manner either way.

I’m currently self-funding this project.


Please fill out the application form, then contact me.

Application Form: https://forms.gle/caonTsaqPrDxVZfb9
Group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/5182861/VIDAR-Studios#!/about
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Q2GxDpJ

If you want any progress on the game, please message nw on either platform. Discord Is Required!

Discord: Farsalis#0983

You Must Be 13 Years or Older to Apply

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Would you be able to include a reference for how large the map will be? Even size in studs would help to make more builders consider applying for a position.

Yep, information has been included. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

What is the budget for the entire game so I can get an estimate of the individual pay

Seems very professional :balance_scale:

Added on discord Bofie#6666

Thanks for your question, the entire game budget is around 10k - 15k to start off initial development. Then to be funded by Investors from there on.

12-17% for a scripter is honestly nothing…

Most of the percentages you’re giving away really should be a PPA, Animator, GFX, Composer, Artist normally would be PPA instead of a percentage…

I highly recommend changing the payouts if you want to find anyone willing to work for you.


I agree with you when it comes to this particular group. However some groups like my previous have experienced great levels of success; so when it comes to devex standards it’s really the other way around. I applicants should examine teams more before making any decisions. (I don’t associate with this group or its members in any way)


Hey @12904! Sorry for the payouts. We will rethink our percentages and payment methods. Thank you for your comment. :slightly_smiling_face:

Agreed. A programmer is basically the heart of the game, finding a good programmer that will take 15% will be a difficult task.

Thank you for your feedback! As I said, this is a baseline payment. So do, please keep that In mind as payment can be subjective.


For the artist, what sort of art style would you want from them?

Thanks for asking! I’d be looking for a more realistic style.

heyy still looking for scripters?

it seems that you’ve already got a basic story/theme for your game to be based off of. i’d be interested in filling the position with additional information regarding what you still need and gameplay

Hello, sorry for the late response. And yes! We are still currently hiring Scripters.

Awesome, if you still want information. You can always contact my discord or message on the developer forum!

Alright I sent you a friend request on discord

Awesome, thank you for applying!

I am a good team manager I am up to it Developerboi#1682