[OPEN] Vintesque Development Opportunities

About Us

Hello, my name is poiseun and I’m the owner of a clothing group named Vintesque. Established in 2019, with 90,000+ members and continuing to grow at a considerable rate, we are one of the biggest and most prominent clothing groups across the platform. As a group, our aim is to provide quality and original designs to our clientele and to also go on to become a fashion group with the help of you!

The Vintesque Team
@poiseun - Project Leader
@SeraphicEagle - Project Co-Leader
@VOIDCI - Builder
@renisuru - Head Clothing Designer
@yourusername - 3D Modeler
@nickglazed - Scripter
@HazSun - UI Designer
@yourusername - Animator

Vintesque Group
Vintesque Twitter

Our Terms

➜ You must be no younger than 13 years old
➜ You must have a Discord and Trello account
➜ You must have a portfolio prepared to display your work
➜ You must have good communication skills
➜ You must actively work on the job and provide us with frequent updates on the progress
➜ You must be experienced in your field, having at least 1 year of experience
➜ You must possess basic knowledge of our industry and what our aim is as a clothing group
➜ You must have a clean reputation in the community

About The Job

We are currently looking for a 3D modeler, scripter, UI designer, and animator to start fresh in assisting us with the creation of our upcoming games and systems. This would include a couple things such as:

3D Modeler
➜ Will be modelling game pass products for the most part. This would include things like a segway, jetski, etc.

➜ Will be working on things such as UI scripting, sound regions, systems, etc.

➜ Homestore and runway UI - Including things like a gamepass store, try on system, etc. Please be aware that this job specifically will require a lot of assets.

➜ Fashion runway and general game animations for catwalk poses and the walk itself, sitting pose, etc.

More information on each of these will be disclosed on Discord and Trello.

What’s in it for you?

➜ Flexible and negotiable payment (Robux)
➜ Game credit
➜ Motivated and friendly work environment
➜ An exclusive Developer rank in the group while you’re on the job. This will then be converted to an in-game contributor title/badge once the job is done

Contact Us

If you’re interested at all, please add me on Discord or shoot me a message on Twitter!
➜ poiseun#0001


Is there a payment? If so, you should write it in the post

Yes, it will be in Robux via group pay out - amount will be negotiated. Updated the post as well. Thanks!

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Hey! I’m trying to message you via Twitter, but it seems as your DMs are blocked.

Thanks in advance,

Hm, I’ve checked my settings and it seems to be fine. Maybe try following me then sending a DM or try my Discord? Apologies for the inconvenience.

Are you looking for a music composer by any chance?

Oh, I’ve messaged you. It works now, strange maybe something was up when I checked earlier.

Possibly! Please DM me on Discord.

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Hello, I am interested in helping script.
Here is my portfolio

Hello, I am very interested. I worked in a clothing group before.
You can view my portfolio here.
Contact me via Discord : ItsChoco#0902

Thanks for reading :smile:

Hey, I contacted you on discord for the programming position.
Discord: nick#2007

Portfolio: [OPEN] | nickglazed’s Portfolio | Scripting Portfolio


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I have added you for the 3D Modeler position, I am RocketScript#5634

I’m not good enough yet but just one tip: try to write a roughly amount of Robux that the people will get paid, that would be pretty use l for people

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