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Hi, I’m WarMSG. I’ve been doing GFX work for around 3 years now, and I am constantly learning new things about GFX and developing as a whole. The program I use to create my art is Cinema4D, and I use Octane Renderer for most of my renders.

Past Work


I am available to work most of time, however, I will have more time to complete GFX on the weekends.


I accept both USD and :robux:, however USD is the preferred option if possible
I do not accept t-shirt funds.

Group Icon: :robux: 1,500 or 5$
Advertisements: :robux: 3,000 or 10$
Game Icon: :robux: 1,500 or 5$
(if you order a thumbnail you will receive a minimized version for the game icon)
Game Thumbnail: Prices are debatable but expect prices close to :robux: 5k-10k or 18$-35$

It is to be noted that all payments must be sent after a preview image of the completed GFX is sent, and once the negotiated payment is sent, the completed GFX will be sent.


You can reply here on the Developer Forum but the preferred choice of contact is Discord:

I appreciate for your time in reading this post!


Woah, this is actually pretty cheap for what you get! Amazing job. I would probably price the ads lower than the icons and the icons higher than the ads and add logo/ad examples. Keep it up. :slight_smile:

Shot you a request, I am Nv#2008