[OPEN] We are Hiring A Lead 3D Modeller & Head Of Operations / Community Manager to join our studio

Hi there!

I am the owner of are FMUK Group, a website design and marketing agency, but also an upcoming game studio development team, building games for social communities. We’re looking for a Head Of Operations / Community Manager and Lead 3D modeller, who are willing to join our team and work with us on our new games & projects within Roblox.

We are launching 6 games in 2021 and we are looking for hard-working, enthusiastic and talented people to join our new studio.

The Team
@PetleyJ - Founder / Owner (Team Lead)
@Middleton199 - Co-Founder / Game Admin
@mvvrgan - Lead Developer
@kinohisa - Lead Builder

We are Recruiting:
@Username - Head Of Operations & Community Manager (18+ Years)
@Username - Lead 3D Modeller (13+ Years)

Head Of Operations & Community Manager
We are recruiting a head of operations/community manager for ensuring a quality, constant & progressing game future. You will be directly in contact with the FOUNDER / OWNER daily.

You will be directly responsible for team progress, and ensuring tasks are completed by developers, scripters & modellers on time and on target for successful game updates and launches. As the Head Of Operations, you will also be ensuring all game rules and community players are informed of any decisions, and future release updates. You will be in charge of our team and any issues need to be directed to the FOUNDER / OWNER immediately.

To be applicable to this application, you need to show good grammar & communications skills, be reliable in the tasks, and show previous experience from other game groups, or jobs. This is an 18+ Years Old Required Application. There will also be bonuses and future projects for other games we are working on. You will must be able to join regular voice calls for team discussions.

Lead 3D Modeller:
Design models & meshes of food icons INCLUDING TEXTURES, decorations as and when needed for seasonal or event changes, design furniture and appliances for our games. - PLEASE NOTE: If you cannot create textures/materials for the models, please do not apply!
You must be 13 years or older to apply for this role, and also be able to communicate to the Head Ops Manager / Founder Daily for progress reporting.
Please be expected to show us previous examples of your work.

About The Job
We expect high-quality, original models with textures/materials that adhere to our games styles. Good communication skills are required & we will we check team progress daily and want to maintain a healthy relationship with one another and to ensure future development.

*** You can see our current project(s) below: ***

We are can currently pay via R$ or $USD/£GBP. Happy to discuss prices via messages.

You can contact me on the Roblox Dev Forum, Roblox Profile: https://www.roblox.com/users/1424407942, Comms: (PetleyJ#9084) or via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/fmukgroup / https://twitter.com/jrpetley

Thanks for reading!

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