Open World Game Feedback

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so i have been working on this game for a long time and have gone between redesign of it after redesign and i Am aware of because how big the game is people with low end computers really cant play it wich will affect the amount of players But besides that and the car spawning gui able to be abused wich i already havea fix for How could i do better and optimize it more to be better


I just tried out the game, and I have a lot of suggestions.

Regarding UI, the icons are stretched out due to a lack of UIAspectRatioContrast for the images. Also, in the car purchase window, the rows overlap each other. For that, I’d recommend using a UIListLayout.

Regarding the building, I don’t really see a little consistency in the design. I feel that some parts of the map don’t really fit in with the theme of the rest of the map.

Regarding the scripting, everything seems fine to me. I’ve tried out the cars, and they seem fine.

ok thank you for your feedback

So i mean waht do you suggust as far as the consistancy of the dseign what ways can i make it flow better if i may ask?

the ui will be redone as well and ill ask about that again when done so

Thank you for your criticism I defiantly will take that into consideration

as far as the consistancy goes Do you mean the level of detail in buildings I can see what you mean there and if that is what i need to do? because there is some buildings that are trashy and rushed looking and others that are nice