OPEN | Zanee_K // Experienced Builder

About Me

Hi, I’m Zanee_K I’m an Experienced builder. I’ve building since 2018. I’ve worked with few users and games.

I worked on these games

Map Commissions

Challenger House

Abandoned Subway

Vibe Builds
  • This is my first build.
  • Also you can check out this place is already finished. Click here!

Low Poly


Ghost Chapters
  • I built only chapter 5 and 6

Café Exterior

Futuristic City


I’m available for 4-5 hours every weekday but every weekend I’m only available for 1~3 hours. Sometimes my availability changes because of my school and internships.

Payment Method

My pricing is negotiable for maps depending on the time period you need it within, size, and detail level of the map.

Currently ONLY Accepting Payment Methods

  • Robux (Gamepass + TAX)
  • USD (Gift Cards)

I’m not accepting limited robux or limited item.

Before you Contact with Me

  • Half of the payment is required before any work starts.
  • Be sure to wait until I finish my work.
  • If you want to back out of a service, you have to back out before any of the work starts. Otherwise you have to pay 1/2 of the service.
  • I’m not accepting long-term jobs.


You can contact me with these medias and also my time zone is UTC +3

I don’t use devforum’s message service much.


Amazing builds, I would highly recommend him.


Spooky builds! I love your style and the designs, Your taste is amazing! Good luck with you stuff!


Really professional design and builds, I totally recommend him.

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I updated my Portfolio! 1 new recent build

  • Futuristic City
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Very detailed and proffesional results for a low price. Definately reccomend buying from Zanee, Easy to communicate with, talk with and he makes your dreams into reality :smiley:

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I updated my Portfolio! Minor changes

I’m still taking Map Commissions.