[OPEN][$50+] UI Designer'

Why are we hiring ?

We are Gen Studios, we’ve finished all UI functionality but there is some inconsistency and some UIs are not original.

About The Job

We are looking a UI designer that is competent and has the commitment to finish the job on time. You need to make Customization, Announcement/Update, Inventory, Party, Skill Tree, Item Mall, NPC, Setting, and Dungeon UI. Some of the UIs are just reuse like “Background”, “Button”, etc.

The theme is medieval. If you go to google images and type in “Medieval UI” It is what we’re looking for.

Requirements :

  • 15+ Years old
  • Good communication
  • Good attitude
  • Professional
  • Not procrastinating
  • Have a good past work

Things to keep in mind :

  • Original ( Not from free image or past work ).
  • Because of the past UI designer keep procrastinating, so we might rush you a bit.
  • I want the UI to be consistent


We are paying $50+ through paypal depends on the quality you made.

Contact Us

Discord :GenCyc#9949
Contact us for more details!

Thanks! :slight_smile:


2k-5k is a “bit” low and may even be why you haven’t had any responses yet


agreed, especially for the medieval theme that you are looking for, which requires a lot of custom artwork.

I have just posted this 3 hours ago

I totally agree with @AccidentallyClever as i’m a former UI Designer so i know how much effort actually goes into making this stuff , and i’m not sure if you’re aware but a complete set of custom made UI can cost anywhere between 20k - 50k robux.

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You’re not exactly selling yourself to the artist that will be doing the UI design… just saying.
I also agree with @AccidentallyClever

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I agree with all the statements, he contacted me with this job, it seems like a job I would normally do for 100$ but offered this amount. I would highly suggest adding more to the budget

I offered you $100 m8 (30 chars)

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