OpenCloud Tools Problem

  • This is about my Datastores not working with OpenCloud [Edit Entry]

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This error prevents me from editing entries with Open Cloud Tools. Any ideas?

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Can you explain to me what open cloud tools is? Is it for analytics or saving data across multiple experiences?

It’s a datastore editor outside of studio basically, you can modify any datastore within your universe using the ROBLOX API

Did this work for you when you last used it or did you always get the error? It’s possible that they changed the way to access the API or your api key needs to be reset.

Just started using it today, period. No one else has this issue apparently - and I’m not sure why I have the issue.

Try checking your JSON, it might have a syntax error.

The data itself is just a normal table. ROBLOX just forms it as JSon, also I can paste the old data in and still receive this error.

You made sure to select JSON as the type? I’m not really familiar with the software.

That is read-only, it’s already selected just not visible. It selects the type of the datastore so you can’t change the datastore type.

Even setting it to
gives the error.

sounds like a problem with your data store editor then

It’s the open cloud tools that is provided by someone else. However - it’s not a my issue, it’s a ROBLOX issue. I have confirmed the way ROBLOX formatted the data to json - is what caused it to be syntax issues.