{OPEN}Combat RPG programmer needed! [$600-USD | 200kR$] View details for more information!


Looking for people who are familiar with combat games.
Hello! We are looking to hire an advanced Scripter to program the primary mechanics of Combat RPG, titled Fighters Will; the desired outcome is similar to the games Project BeatDown and Ken Omega. Visit our Discord for more details about Fighters Will: Fighters Will (IN DEV).

[Current Progression]:

All assets aside from User-Interface elements are completed. These include animations, interactable assets & wearable attire.


You will be asked to work until the primary systems listed below are completed (The preferred completion date would be two months from your first day). Our Head of Technical Development will be available to help accommodate for inconveniences and accomplish your tasks quicker; payment will not be subsided:

• Combat: General features such as AOE, Punches. Combos, Blocks, Dashes, etc…
• Skills: Specialized combat moves unlocked from training.
• Trainers: Interactable NPCs for sparring etc…
• Stats: Generic statistics. | Workouts used to increase specific statistics.
• Jobs: Basic occupations.
• Missions: Defeating bosses, gang-related operations, etc…
• Gangs: Large-scale Party system.
• Ranked Matches
• Clans: A fixed selection of groups, that one of which the player will be auto-assigned to. Each group is accompanied by exclusive advantages and physical markers.

[Payment]: $600-USD or 200kR$ paid upfront and in partitions for each task completed. (Receiving both is negotiable). Twenty percent of the game’s overall income upon release is up for discussion as well.


• Minimum 3 years of programming experience, intermediate knowledge in Lua.

• Must be 15 years of age or above.

[Contact Info]:

Request to apply for the job (Please provide a portfolio containing representations of your programming ability, as well as a sample of your written code):
Project Head Discord: SerLoy#9709

For questions about the job:
Head of Technical Development Discord: Ziffix#0152.

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