[ OPENED FOR SMALL TASKS ] Buider / Novice terrain modeler


Hello! I’ve been developing since 1 year for myself then for some groups oriented in the Sci-fi like the SCP genre principaly.
I’m currently a builder, terrain modeler and 3D modeler here is a list of each of my skills with the level that I have on it. I could also assist for translation from english to french!

  • Moderate Builder

  • Novice 3D Modeler

  • Novice Terrain Modeler

:warning: I can’t do amazing 3D model as I’m learning, I’m just doing some simple things (Look in Showcase) which mean that I may not take 3D Modeler task for quality problem :warning:

Note that even if I’m not a amazing 3D Modeler as I started recently I can do some simple things for assist me during build.


Here you can find some exemples of what I can build, I’m more specialized in Hallway building as I was working with some SCPs group so I’m not great with building house, ect… I’m currently trying to learn the art of the terrain modeling.

Builder work

(Complete remake of a sector)

Terrain modeler work

Some 3D modeler work (pretty bad)

I can make your groups logo by exemple

** I could also make some simple tool or model like crystal or knife **

For Terrain and 3D modeler you can see that their is not many screenshot and It’s normal, I started Terrain modeling for about 1 week and I really not using 3D modeling alot as I’m bad with it. Whatever I’m trying to learn


I am mainly available during Week-end due to school with around 5-7 hours for developing, out of that I could sometimes spend around 3-4 hours per week. I’m only taking small task currently because I’m working on a project with request the majority of my time.


Payment are negotiable depending from the task that you give to me. I prefer to be paid via group payment.


You can contact me via

Thanks for reading my portfolio ! Wishing you a nice day.


As a French speaker, I could tell without reading the username (and just now, reading the part about translation from English to French) that OP has some sort of French background.

To OP, I have come across some of your posts before and I really enjoy seeing the work you have made with just one year of progress. Je me souviens les années passé quand les gens en Roblox parle seulement en anglais. Je trouve que je vais devoir une personne pour traduire en francais pour mon jeu l’année prochaine. I will keep you in mind, wish the best for you.


Thanks you too! I also see you to each of my post and It’s a pleasure to see your post which are always nice to me. Feel free to contact me if one day you need a traducer and thanks for that attention with the french part.