[OPENED] Looking for an airport builder


Terms and Conditions

  • You are not allowed to use any free models or used work in the process of building the airport.
  • You’ ll be asked to show me pictures of your work whenever I ask you to as I want to be updated.

Payment Information

  • You’ll be paid on a monthly basis via our percentage system.
  • The total payment will be 200,000 robux for this job.
  • You’ll be given 40% of the revenue we earn from it as a service as we have to script the airport and add in our own custom things which are the ones that contribute most to the price. Once your payment has reached 200k, we’ll stop the percentage payment as we have paid fully.
  • Payment will be given through the group so you do not have to worry about the market fees.

Building Information

  • You are building the London Heathrow Terminal 5.
  • All stores and details have to be included.
  • You are required to add jetways(FM accepted but must be the same) and the tarmac details as well.
  • You are to refer to images from the Internet as a reference to help you during the process of building the airport.
  • You can work at your own pace. We need this to be completed by late 2019 or early 2020. If the work is submitted earlier than we expected, we will appreciate it.

Contact Information

  • Developers who are interested in completing my request will have to add me as a friend via Discord at GamerWei#3954.
  • Upon contacting me, you’ll have to send me pictures of your past work/ creations and give me a reason why you’re interested in working for me and how many years have you been building.



[CLOSED] Hiring Skilled Game Icon GFX Artist

There are a lot of issues with this job offer that make it unlikely for anyone to pick it up.

  • To have a high quality builder create the entirety of the Heathrow Terminal both accurately and in your deadline you’ll be looking at a price range of around 250,000-500,000 robux.
  • The Terms and Conditions sound closer to slavery than it does to commissioning.
  • I can’t find any references to your past successes and achievements.
  • The sentences in the “Brief Description of Myself” section are very weirdly phrased.

Some tips on how to increase the odds of people wanting to work for you

  • Instead of saying you are a good businessman, show examples of what you’ve achieved in the past.
  • You should lower your expectations a lot until you have a bigger budget to work with.
  • Allow your employees to work comfortably and in their own time.


I was in the process of writing that.

To the original poster:
I don’t think talking of himself in a such way is really good for comunication. Brings pride, and a bad relation.

I also think that ROBLOX is an awesome place for roleplaying, however devforum might not be the best place as it’s for development discussions. We’re not talking wether your a businessman or not, we’re talking of either your work, your skills or your prizes.

That being said, following maplestick’s advices you could easily find someone doing the work for you :slight_smile:

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Sir, airports, in general, are usually priced at 300 - 2,000 robux for the domestic airport while the medium airport is priced at 2,000 - 4,000 robux. While the large-sized airport is 5k to 20k robux. That’s how the aviation industry in Roblox functions.



Most of the high quality builders on this forum do it as a real job to pay for adult expenses. They either charge per hour or for enough robux to devex. Recreating an architectural masterpiece like the Heathrow Terminal will take up over a month of full time dedicated research and development.



Just want to say from my experience. I don’t know any high-quality builder who would take the job with these strict rules and the number of work you require to do for this price. It’s a long term job, with deadline reaching june, so you probably know that it wouldn’t take a few hours but a bunch of weeks.

10k robux is worth 35$, which is too low for this long and hard project (most of the builders wouldn’t be capable of building this advanced airport, so I think that the price over here is way too low

Most of the “high-quality” builders use other software than Roblox Studio, which gives them more options and in most of the cases, works better for performance (when comparing to unions, it’d be almost impossible to make this map with only parts).
There’s no point in not using meshes, especially in detailed map like this.

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Did some changes. Lots of you are mistaking what I was looking out for.



Having been a developer in the airport and aviation industry I can tell you 300 robux and even around 2,000 is certainly not good enough if you are willing to hire someone on the devforum. And 10,000 robux is roughly worth $35USD, and a whole entire terminal it very difficult to construct having done so myself. And it takes much more time (especially for Heathrow) than is worth $12. I personally think if you’re going to set this as a realistic budget, either make it a small, regional airport, or you can always hire other developers who will work for that pay. And another side note: the way your post comes across is seems fairly threatening and I wouldn’t recommend making one of the first things a potential developer sees being “You’ll be recognised as a betrayer” “We’ll carry the issue to roblox about it”. You can’t expect people to work for you if that it how you treat them. But in the end, I’m just here to help.



You may be confused as of why everyone complains about your price range, yes it’s Roblox,
it shouldn’t be that expensive, right ?

The main issue in this recruitment post is that you seems to impose a very harsh conditions to the builder, but i understand that, it’s mean to be a professional project, so it’s ok

to this extend, now people would also expect a “professional” price, but as you may realized, 10,000 is far from a professional price.

Therefore if you do not have the ability to funds further this project, it’s best to motivate/attract people in a different way, Revenue percentages, Showing your progress too, put it as a more friendly and collaborative way like helping to build too.

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I’m interested, I can build an airport for you for 5k-10k Robux. I am not from Heathrow but, I have watched documentaries on youtube. (Discord: Pixel#0005) Though since the payment pretty low, the quality would be ok/decent.



I think you need to understand (I was part of the aviation industry), that most of the people on these forums, myself included (except I do programming), do it for real money. We do it as a job, some, like me, will do it part time for extra money, but many do it full time as their job. People here do not want to be paid a dollar per hour or even less for the amount of hard work they do. 10,000 Robux would be equivilant to around that much per hour for that much of work. 35 USD after devex for 100+ hours of work does not make sense. The airport builders in the “ro aviation industry”, are typically not even close to the level of many commissioned builders on these forums and so their pricing will likely be a lot less, and many don’t do it for real money, they do it for the robux because they cannot buy their own. However, this is again is not always true. One of the airports I had comissioned, because I do not build, was about 60k, took about 4 months since the builder was only working in some of his free time, and I did all of the interior and taxiways/runways. So 60k for JUST the exterior and it took several months. Imagine what 10k would do. I agree with others in that a project such as yours would be at least 250k but likely much more. You need to have a very successful airline, like LeMonde, to afford that. My suggestion for you is work on building up your airline with less detailed work, and focus on the service. As you get more money, then look at getting a commission going here. Also your terms seem very condescending and “slave like”. You have all the power and it feels like you look down on the person doing the work. Maybe if you were paying 600k robux, then you would expect to see images all the time, but you aren’t. You need to respect whoever is doing your work or else they will stop and you cannot force them if you haven’t paid, or the quality won’t be as good.



This is the DevForum, not RoAviation.

People are going to go off professional prices, and to be fair, I haven’t seen that many great airports within Roblox, so if you want good quality, you’re going to have to be prepared to overpay by loads for a great build in comparison to those rates you’re giving us.



No. That’s how the J-Tech community functions. In the roblox devforum community, you are looking at quite skilled developers. Paying 5,000 Robux doesn’t seem like a good price for a developer.



Ok, that pricing is WAY wrong. For the airport you’re describing, you’re looking at more than 200k robux, as stated by others. Heathrow is MASSIVE, and not to mention it’s incredible detail.

Personally, for 5-10k i’d make you a terminal. Thats all you’d get for 10k.



What happens if we stop or hire someone. And price range is so low.

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Agreed, he’s asking for way too much just for simple 10k robux. Maybe with that, he can get himself a small terminal.

Almost everyone wouldn’t take that offer.

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Pay has been changed to percentage system.



Most developers prefer not to have a percentage system. The issue with a percentage system is the following:

  • We barely know you so its difficult to trust that you will continue paying us out.
  • A percentage system is based on the success of a game. You cannot guarantee this money unless the game is successful. Therefore if the group shuts down or loses activity we might never receive our payment.
  • We don’t know how long it will take to receive our payment.

It’s mostly to do with security. Lots of developers like to have their pay before or just after they have finished the project instead of having to waiting what could be many months, with no guarantee of ever getting the money.

Note: I do understand your difficulty as you probably do not have the 200k at the moment.



The only way I know that will work out perfectly is to pay the full amount. Kinda stressed out by this. I know how it feels to be paid via a percentage system.



A little confused by that comment.

If you agree that is the best way to do it, then why are you doing it via a percentage?

If you do then I am sure you realise my point, that it is not a very secure feeling as you have to wait time, with no guarantee of a payment.

Like I said in my previous post, lots of developers do not like that kind of system. Not that I am saying that you shouldn’t do it as you might not have the funds.