[OPENED] Looking for an airport builder


Developers should always make a contract with the game owner. For example, if the game did not succeed the group should pay the developer a commision. If they do not accept this or are not paying you back the amount you wished then the developer should have all rights to remove their asset or make it a free model (only their assets)



As @EggYolked stated, the current percentage system isn’t worth it for me. There is always a chance that the game wont produce 200,000 and if it does then it wont be for a while. This means you could get a quality build and then end up robbing your builder.



If the current system did not works pit perfectly, I’ll pay them 10,000 robux first.



I’m just a little bit confused as to how exactly your payment is going to work for this commission.

Claiming that the “total payment” for the project will be 200,000 robux implies that you will pay more directly, either after the project is completed, or through small payments during the process of development.

But when you say we’ll be given “40% of the revenue”, it implies that we will make 40% of whatever this game makes. So then, you give viewers the impression that payment is not even guaranteed unless this game is successful in producing that much revenue. Additionally, that would mean that as your builder, we wouldn’t even necessarily get the complete payment for an extremely long time, depending on how long it takes for the game to generate that much revenue.

You must understand that it would take some serious convincing to persuade most professional builders to sign up for a project that basically has no guarantees to payment, yet is as massive as a realistic London Heathrow.

Regardless, if you are willing to negotiate on your offer, I may be interested.

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I agree totally @maplestick , this allows barely any freedom.

You are not allowed to stop your work and abondon it.

What if you are going through tough time?, i.e. a family members passes and you need a few months to compensate. You should allow some freedom.



This is just super corporate and you’re essentially making someone be treated in the poorest working conditions. I get that you want progress and the work to be done, but please, builders have lives and this isn’t their full-time job, it’s just a side offer they’re taking.

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If a developer did abandon, you won’t be able to do anything…



I think you have misunderstood what I’m talking about. As you know, I am only hiring 1 person for this project and if that person decides to not continue building the airport, that will result in me having wasted my time. To prevent that, people who are interested in building it are not allowed to abandon this project. In another words, you are not allowed to discontinue this and that this project must be continued till it is completed.



@ChuckXZ @Axcerious @EggYolked



How are you going to prevent then from abandoning it.



Ok i’m gonna chime in here. This entire post is just nuts. It’s clear you hace no understanding of how the dev forums work in terms of treating other people and payment.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, is going to work for you. Lets break down why quickly.

You’re only paying 40% until the payment of 200k is met. Firstly, someone is building you a huge map, a map that your entire game relies on as its an airport game I assume. Why not up the percent to 90%? Why are you taking 60%? Either way, I don’t know how much airport games make, but I can’t imagine it turns in huge profit.

Secondly, your T&C’s are bonkers. They are harsh and cruel, anyone in their right mind wouldn’t even begin to think about working for you. The first time I read this post I blee a bit out of air out of my mouth and said “jeez”.

Whats with all the corportate talk? If you want someone to work for you, then be kind and nice.
As I said above, they come off as harsh and cruel, mostly because they are.

Putting on this kind lf act just turns people away
“You’ll be asked to show me pictures of your work whenever I ask you to” could be turned into “I’ll checkup on your progress sometimes by asking for a picture or two”.

Okay, this is just harsh. If somebody doesn’t want to work on your project anymore, for whatever reason it may be, such as a family member passing away, their school work, or any other reason, they do not have to carry on working for you. Considering you’re paying a percent and not upfront, it gives me no incentives to stay on board and carry on what I started. My biggest question is, just how are you going to enforce this?

I think you need to take some time away from the dev forums, chill out a little bit and come back with a new mindset. Being harsh and cruel in your posts doesn’t indimidate people, it just means they click off your post faster than normal. No one wants to work for that kind of boss.

If you come back with a fresh attitude and mondset, are kind and nice to people and relaxed with how they work on your project, you’re more likely to find someone.

I’ve contracted people in the past and always treat the other person like a person, not an asset making machine. Yeah I checkup on their progress, but I do it in a nice way. “Hey X, can you send me a picture or two of what you’ve done so far when you can, thanks.” Politeness and kindness goes along way with people.

Most importantly, everyone is a human. So treat them how you’d like to be treated.



I am pretty sure I am making myself clear, your idea of Terms and Conditions sound a lot like slavery.

Edit: If your going to hire somebody, consider better Terms, and more respectable approaches of human freedom.



This is my first time hiring people to complete a project. Everyone makes mistake.



I know, it just annoys me when someone makes not very good decisions.

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I’m taking 60% as every client has to pay for the products fee every month they use. Such as self-check-in, pushback truck, aircraft, operation fees and other technology products that worth thousands and hundreds of robux. Other than that, a few percentages around 10% has to be contributed for advertising and paying the staffs. This is a company and not a game I am making.



This is what the DevForums are for, giving back feedback, but take all your comments and try improve.

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Yes, I am improving on my mistakes. Did some amendments.



Right right, sorry for assuming in that case. I can see you’ve made some edits to your OP. It’s a good start. Just remember that everyone is human and treat them how you’d like to be treated.

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In my opinion, I don’t think many - if any at all - airport groups make hundreds of thousands of robux in a decent amount of time. Even if they did, there’s no guarantee that your group would be one of those to reach that peak, especially with your limited funds to spend on advertising. I would suggest you change the build itself, since you’re asking for a large, detailed build for little in return.