[OPENED] Looking for an airport builder


It’s a service I am providing.



I used to be into the Roblox airlines thing several years back, so I understand where you’re coming from. From what I understand it is that you’re looking for someone to build you an airport for your airline. The Ro-aviation airlines segment prices very low because nobody makes very much. It’s great to post here but it just won’t produce the sort of return most developers are looking for. Generally most developers will expect one of the aims is to turn a substantial profit (hundreds of thousands of Robux p/m). Yes airlines can make some decent amount of Robux but I am yet to discover one making more than several thousand per month. Due to this I very much doubt you’ll get any interest offering a %, you should offer a payment upfront because it is high risk. I’m no builder, but I suspect for the recreation of something this you’re looking at tens of hours of work so a reasonable amount would likely be in excess of 500k R$.



Tens of hours of work is a low-ball estimate. A build like this could easily take over a hundred hours, not even including the research time and cross-referencing your build with the pictures, making sure everything is detailed and in its correct location.



100% interested in this unique position of Building. Sent a request. Koroukk#1845



Well said and agreed I was going to go for this but you gave a good point.



In case you’re wondering, the spot is still opened.



Well maybe, there just might be a reason for that. It’s been mentioned tens of times so I don’t really need to repeat it, I’d just consider taking on feedback and improving the job based on that, you have plenty of tips here!

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Re-opened. Please DM me if interested.

Reason: Hired a developer and he hired another person to complete it.

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I would like to recommend someone to you named @canada1234513. He is new to the Developer Forum, but he is also a good friend of mine and has outstanding development skills. He also is very cheap so I doubt you would be paying that much.

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