[Opened] Programmer/Scripter for Cloud Cast

This position is targeted towards developers who are looking for a full-time job.


About Cloud Cast
We are a new independent game development studio. Our objective is to provide players with a one-of-a-kind experience! Our team now consists of four individuals, and we are seeking for a scripter/programmer to complete the crew!

The Team
BinHyo - Game Designer, Project Manager
Hipenguinflip - UX/UI designer, Game Designer
Drbadbrain - 3D artist/Modeler
Raethyrn - Builder

Project Information
Project Edwin is a simulation game about building and management. The game requires players to design a restaurant. While giving clients their preferred food, you are also assigned duties like as dishwashing, rat trap placement, and much more.

Job Information

As a programmer/scripter of Cloud Cast, you are required to

  • Work at least 5 hours a week
  • Ability to attend weekly meetings
  • Import User interface across PC, Mobile, and XBOX
  • Script both front end and back end

These are a MUST HAVES so people don’t waste their time.

  • At least 13 + years old
  • Fluent in Lua
  • Had worked on at least one project
  • A portfolio of some sorts (Roblox Profile, Devforums, Twitter, etc.)

Nice to have

  • Over the age of 16
  • Over 4 years of scripting experience (Any language)
  • Ability to create Discord bots
  • Experience in any other fields of development


The remuneration would be in the form of profit shares in the game. You can earn between 25 and 30 percent depending on how much you contributed to the game.

Contact Methods

  • Dev Forums

  • Discord (Binhyo#6477)

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