[OPEN]Hiring Scripter(s) for a MOBA game

About the game
It’s a MOBA game similar to a game called “Pokemon Unite”, you fight with monsters to progress in the game, earn them in the shop & gacha system. There will be plently of stuff to do like Quests, Battling, etc. Basically, the genre is fighting and it’s called Majestic Dual Majestic Dual[MOBA][ALPHA] - Roblox(This game is not joinable for everybody else yet, we will when it’s in beta phase)

What we need done

Monster Mechanics
We need the monster mechanics finished, each and every one of them will have different and similar attacks, they will be using a primary UI to fight other monsters.

Monster Models

These are still unfinished concepts

Skin system
To customize your monster’s looks to make them unique.

Gacha system
We need a proper gacha system to progress through the game obtaining items, monsters, etc.

Only transferring R$
300k+ Robux is in our group, we will pay how much you’ve worked on the project.

Contact Us
DM me on the developer forum or my Discord: SolarSonia#7000.

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