[Open](long Term-Short Term) Blood Of Zeus: The Game | HIRING DEVELOPERS!

The Game is a free-roam adventure/simulator game that is based on the anime series “Blood of Zeus”.

Each race comes with different abilities and skills which they will use to fight titans and more.

Players will be a member travel to the seawold later on in the game and gain new more abilities and skills.

Some Things have already been made so when you contact me ask me to show you them.


Developers will be paid a percentage of the games revenue.
I may change this later though, depending on how much Robux I have.

Contact Me

  • Programmer/Scripter
  • Modeler
  • Clothing Designer
  • A second builder

If you are interested in any of the above positions, then contact me on Discord,godthegamer#2185.Plz message me when you sent me a friend request because i got over 500 so i might not see it.

Thank you!

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