[OPEN]Looking for a Scripter

Hello there! I’m looking for a scripter that can do one job for me.

About the Job

I’m looking for a scripter that can program a dual wielding grapple hook. I’m looking for something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaWcOVzgD64.


[Robux Only] I can pay through group funds only. Apparently I’m in short of robux so the amount of robux I can pay is about 150R$ - 200R$


You can message me here in DevForum or via Discord regarding this for more information or any questions. Discord username: akeiris#4666

Thank you for reading!

Uh, is it okay to use the same script showcased in the video?

If you could, that’d be great. But it must not be too similar. I want both ropes to go to the same target rather than using one rope using keys. Basically the original roblox grapple hook but dual wielded.

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