[OPEN][up to 400K or %] Lead scripter and maintainer needed for Attack on Titan: Universe

Long-term maintainer and scripter needed for Attack on Titan: Universe


Hello! We’re looking for a new scripter to act as a developer for our two projects: Attack on Titan: Universe and Attack on Titan: Freeplay Mode. Game links available above.

Attack on Titan: Universe is our core nonprofit game dedicated to providing an immersive, directed storytelling experience for our community of players.
Attack on Titan: Freeplay Mode is a forprofit arcade game that utilizes many mechanics of our core game and makes them more accessible to be enjoyed by the general public.


Multiple years (or projects’) worth of experience needed.
Various features will be required over time, but bare minimum, proficiency needed in:

  • Particles and graphical effects (a competency in creating and manipulating parts, particles, Beams, Attachments and other aesthetically pleasing in-game elements will be extremely helpful in completing tasks)
  • HttpService
  • UI manipulation, including tweens and an understanding of UILayouts
  • Working within large, existing codebases
  • ModuleScript usage (everything’s a module)
  • Proficiency in creating rigs and UI design also preferable for candidates


  • Create a new codebase from scratch for the Attack on Titan: Universe / nonprofit game
  • Cooperate with other scripter(s) and Head Developer to deliver needed updates to both :Universe and :Freeplay Mode games
  • Take in input from community (more optional) and communicate with lore, staff and development teams to deliver gameplay expansions

We may require you to sign an NDA. This proviso is negotiable.

Time Pressures, Compensation and Notes

We usually provide payment for each set of features, agreed to ahead of time. In general, we’re expecting to pay 15k-25k Robux per medium feature (<750 lines) done though this is something we’re willing to be flexible about. Our current budget is at 400K Robux though sustained work will increase this figure over time. A % payout from Freeplay is possible if you can commit to providing constant updates to be agreed to ahead of time for the game.

Time is of the essence - this is a high-pressure job with a lot of work that has relatively tight deadlines (2-3 days per medium-sized feature).

In general - we’re pretty flexible about the overall terms of what our deadlines and compensation figures. As long as you’re qualified and your schedule is open, feel free to contact us below!

Contact Us

  • Message this account on devforum (though responses may be slow, Discord below is preferred)
  • wall's inbox is my communications server
  • Once in the discord, please open a ticket with the #open-ticket channel after verifying; mention interest in developing for AoT:U
  • Please include a mention of this DevForum post as well as any portfolio pieces of previous projects and code samples that you think are reflective of your scripting style

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