Opinion on my first game ever

Hello everybody, I’ve just finished making my first game, Base Warfare Tycoon! :grinning:

It’s a basic tycoon game. It’s not very original in my opinion, but I’ve tried making it as good and interesting as i could.

I’ve been slowly making this game for about 4 months and now it’s finally ready. I’ve made everything in this game on my own, without taking anything from the toolbox, except for the meshes made by Roblox and the PartCache module. :hammer_and_wrench:

It would be really nice to hear your opinion and suggestions on my game! :slightly_smiling_face:

If you don’t want to wait for the money to pile up, you can use the code “money” as many times as you need. :dollar:



I played this for a while, and I must say that it’s better than the average „First Game“ of a Roblox Dev.

Keep it up!

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@TynouDypak the game is verry nice! Even my brother is playing it!
But i think you should make the buttons that when you stand on them it builds it gets anoying having to press E all the time! Keep up good work!

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pistol recoil is to much lol but game looks nice still

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We need to have a talk in direct messages about some big issues in your game. Please message me ASAP

Great work! This is leagues above my first ‘game’

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Played your game for a while and here’s some bugs / improvements I found:


  • Lightning doesn’t really add anything to the game, it’s just extremely annoying to randomly die for no apparent reason
  • Add a cooldown for the airstrike (rich people can… abuse)

But everything else I really liked

And as for bugs:

  • Vehicles randomly drive off by themselves
  • Owner doors don’t work
  • You can take some money from other peoples pad collection things
  • You can buy some things in other peoples bases
  • Rebirths seem to do nothing
  • Capturing points seem to do nothing
  • Gun camera part is sometimes visible
  • Lots of things are exploitable, including game breaking exploits with the airstrike (hence the cooldown suggestion) and codes, to name a couple

Thank you for reporting all this! Everything you named has now been fixed.

This is not a bug though, it’s stealing.