Opinion on my little menu

Looking for opinions or feedback for this little menu I made. (Yes, I know the car is a free model, it is so I can get an idea on what the menu would actually look like with a car there.)


maybe if the camera was zoomed out a bit more, seems too close


Really good, i like the sound effect of the buttons, maybe a spotlight could be good? Pointing at the car, but looks good, congrats :wink:

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black background don’t look good. you need it to be more intense, aggresive, have music, better ui, not so simplistic like this


Thanks for the feedback :smiley:
Will try to improve it

Yea. I’ll try adding a spotlight and maybe some stuff in the background.

Thanks for the feedback, iceone. I’ll make sure to add some more stuff and create a more complex gui and stuff.

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By spotlight, do you mean like those ground spotlights.
Like this simple spotlight facing the car?

Or are you talking about an actual spotlight like this facing the car?

I’d transform the black background into a garage with a bunch of tools lying around. The menu bar could also be centered in the middle of the screen, but that’s just me being nitpicky.

Otherwise, looks great for a main menu screen!


Thanks for the feedback! Will definitely be turning it into a garage, I love the idea. Could you elaborate on what you mean by the menu centred into the middle? I don’t really understand what you mean by it.

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I like the little camera tweens to switch shots, one improvement point is perhaps improving lighting inside the black box to make it more realistic, maybe make the tyres rotated a bit to the left or right as if it has just drifted into view.

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Something i’d add is a fade out-fade in effect when switching camera angles, similar to how Need For Speed Hot Pursuit does it. Overall it’s pretty cool.


Thanks for the idea. I’ll be able to quickly do this now.

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I felt that the buttons in the menu bar could be centered in the middle like so:

Oh, alright. I’ll see how it looks. :smiley:

Very good job!
You could add maybe some button animations such as “the button changes color when the mouse hovers on it”. Also, this is a little detail though, you could make that the bottom yellow bar, slides form a button to another and not appears out of nowhere under the button the mouse is hovering over.
Good luck

Awesome job! Looks just like some racing game i would play!

If you didn’t notice, the button does change colour, but it’s a very small detail. Should I make it stand out more. Love that idea of the sliding, will be sure to do that.

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Thanks! Gonna be spending lots of time on it.

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I actually liked how the buttons were on the left and not in the middle, but do whatever you want to.