Opinion on my new game, World's Your Canvas?


A few days ago, I started a new side project since I wanted to practice Roblox development, and so I made this game called World’s Your Canvas.

In the game, you are presented with a blank baseplate, which you can fill by typing whatever you want to spawn into the textbox on the top of the screen and confirming. That object will then spawn near you.

I haven’t been able to spread the info out to the public very much, so you probably won’t meet anyone else during your play (unless you invite them), but I think it’d be especially good for 10-minute plays with other players, and I hope I’ll become at least somewhat successful with it.

The game is still in early development, so I’d appreciate it if you told me what you think about the idea and the game itself, possibly even giving me some tips on what to do. The selection of items right now is still kinda small, but the spawning system should be sending me personal alerts on things you tried to spawn that weren’t in the game yet, so I’ll be able to implement them promptly.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback! :slight_smile:

The game is pretty nice, I like the concept behind it.

My friend joined and tried the game out; I found it pretty fun.

Our experience:

The only thing I have to say for this game is that I don’t know what I can or can’t spawn. It would be nice if there was a list that could tell me what I could spawn rather than just trying a bunch of items.

Overall, I found this game pretty fun to play with my friend.

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Thanks for playing! I’ll see if I can add your suggestion to the game. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Done! Still has a few bugs, I’ll be working on these.

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