Opinions and Ratings on a Group and Game Logo (2)


I’ve made a post a while ago regarding a logo of a potential group or game.
I got back to that logo and managed to upgrade it

from this:

To this!

I made the logo way more clean and (i feel like) more in a cartoonish vibe which i like.
So I think this is step up

I’m wondering again,
what could I improve or literally remove from that new logo?
Maybe change the color of “studios”?
Maybe less black outlines?

You can also give me a rating if you prefer

Thanks for taking time to help me out!


To be absolutely honest with ya, i think its perfect and you nailed it!
This is the point where i stop and gaze at my work :ok_hand:

But if your not happy about your work then make sure you work on it until you are!

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I like it, I will give you a 10/10, good job

I like the cracks you put in

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Looks great, 10/10 good job on it.

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I guess the only thing that could possibly be better is a darker shading on the cracks, since ur light colored shading is really hard to see, although it really depends on personal opinion of which would look better

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Hi thank you for your reply
I’ve reduced the opacity of the colors on the cracks from 80% to 50% which looks like that:

If it’s not what you were speaking of, I’m sorry, I’m french and I don’t know gfx vocabulary that well.

I’ve also tried to darken the color and not lower the opacity and I felt like it was similar but worse.

About my opinion on those two different cracks I still don’t know, it’s almost the same dilemma as my first post here Feedback on a group/game logo

Personally I like the 50% opacity better, although it depends on personal preference. This is what I meant btw

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