Opinions & Constructive Criticism Needed!

Hello I am Aensvey and I have been working on an, “office type” build and I wanna get opinions on it. I want to ask what you think I did right and if there is anything you think that I could work on, thanks!

Image - 1

Image - 2

Image - 3


It looks great, I think you could improve the lighting and I would like to see it already with the decoration

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The general style employed within your build looks amazing it kind of has a more of a classic appearance I’m assuming that’s what your going for. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an office building that tends to go for a another different style, and at the moments it’s very unfinished at the start the use of materials, are here and there. Try messing around with the lighting to make the wood and textures stand out perhaps experiment into adding some chandeliers and lighting features.

I feel like you could perhaps finish with adding the extra details such as shelves, desk, and variation of details not sure if that’s already planned out, but as a old theme in terms of your own building, you should add some variation to sorting areas the frame looks quite repetitive in the last image the materials and the design within the walls look blended with the darken materials.

While it’s a good start consider finishing the build, rather than leaving it unfinished that way users can provide more constructive feedback- criticism on things you could improve on and add to it since most of the decorations and details are already planned out?