Opinions Needed for Charging an Object

We made a powering up and overpowering of an object, and I want opions, rate it 1/10, what should we change/and or keep etc. This object is used in the game to repel the evil monsters. So charging it up is important for its usage in magic and always needs to be powered up before using again.

Video (Played at x2.5 speed to reduce file size for upload. your welcome to slow it down or pause it as needed) :

~ Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated!


Maybe make the object float when it’s charging up, all the way until it finishes and drops.

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good concept but that animation is whacky( as in the abrupt position change at the end)

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If your talking about the fall, at the end, then what should I do to show the powering of the system has dropped?

If your talking at the very very end, where it randomly on the floor just teleports, thats a bug that was fixed, but I already took the video beforehand. So that wasn’t suppose to happen.

Like hover up and down?

~Thank you both for the feedback

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You can do that, or make it such that it slowly flies up without stopping, then drops down. Either way works.