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Hello there! I am ZurichBT, a developer on ROBLOX that loves outer space.


Tonight, I had to take my dog out for a walk and while I was walking. I looked up in the sky and saw how clear the skies were. Then, I realized the true beauty of space and how wonderful and expansive it is. I saw big, bright stars. They were distant but in large numbers. I have no words that can describe my experience. This walk just outside my house changed… almost everything for me. I came rushing back into my house afterward and was fascinated about space and how it was originally created, as I love learning about stuff (especially their backstories!). So, here I am with an idea for a game.

So, I would like to propose my idea of a space-related game. Basically, it’s a narrative game that tells you the story of space, from the big bang to where we are now. The interesting, catchy part here is that it will have visuals that will explain what is happening in the narrative, and all the visuals will be in ROBLOX.

Of course, sitting through a 2-4 hour PowerPoint presentation isn’t very fun, so the game will be divided into chapters that each tell a story of its own, in chronological order. For example, Chapter 1 would be the Big Bang, Chapter 2 is something directly after the Big Bang (a few million/billion years later because it is hard cramming all the information into one ROBLOX game).

With this, people will be able to learn more about the beauty of space and truly recognize for what it is today. Cool game, isn’t it? As much as I like the idea, I wanted to get some feedback before I pursue it. Would this game idea be a good game? In other words, would you spend time playing this game and enjoy the experience from start to finish?

Possible Game Names List

Some game name ideas:

  • A Journey Through Space
  • Exploring The Void
  • The Big Bang
    Feel free to suggest some names!
  • This game idea is great and worth pursuing.
  • Worth pursuing, but requires tweaking.
  • An okay idea, not worth the time.
  • Needs a lot of revision.
  • The game idea will fail in today’s environment.

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Feel free to give your feedback and opinions below, I will try to read every single one of them.


I see where you’re headed with this, but not everybody believes in the Big Bang as some people may. This could totally be a game focus less on the religious things as people could easily get offended. Very interesting game idea, but I would lean less towards religious topics.

If you cut down on it it would be a very fascinating game.

I completely understand the statement about personal beliefs, but what should I replace the Big Bang theory with? I want to make sure to include details from start to finish, so I have to start somewhere.

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You could add it into the game if its necessary. But I have seen a few games sharing their personal beliefs get dislike bombed and one even got taken down because of too many people flagging it.

In the description I would address that it’s a religious topic.

The Big Bang theory is the most commonly accepted theory of the origin of the universe in scientific basis, but you can include other theories of cosmogony.

Anyway, try to make the game more interactive, like having the players interact with the growing galaxies, stars, moons, and black holes. It’s more fun than sitting through an hours-long educational video.


I think I will add it into the game as I don’t think there is a huge crowd of haters of the Big Bang theory (and definitely not online that I have heard of). As @PrincessPandaBlox has stated, it is the most commonly accepted theory in cosmology, so it would only make sense to use that theory.


I love the idea of interactivity, I will look for solutions on adding them into my concept. Thanks for the suggestion!

EDIT: Perhaps I can have a short narration, then an interactive diagram showcasing topics said in the narration previously, combined with a few eye-candy animations.

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This is a cool concept. It would go great with the new learn and explore category. I think a really good thing to add for interactivity would be to go through the story of the universe. But have the players manage and grow it. Kind of like a tycoon. Idk just an idea off the top of my head. But yes you should make this game it sounds like it would be fun. :+1:

A Journey Through Space is a great name for the game. If you continue to work on this game, you could get Roblox famous!

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I would Definitely play this game! I am an outer space fan as well so this would be something really interesting to see. Please, do continue this idea!


Thanks to everyone who has criticized or supported me, I have come up with a final game concept in my head that I am sure everyone can appreciate. :smiley:

If you are wondering how long it would take to finish this game to the point of release, it would probably take 2-4 months (Maybe 2-3!). Once again, thank you for the support and criticism!


I know I’m a little late but,

I love types of games that tell a story, or give a message that can be meaningful. This game idea is very original and beautiful. I cannot wait to play the game when it releases. I won’t be surprised if it reaches the front page!

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