Opinions on GFX 2#

I’m back with more GFX to get critique on, let’s start quick. It’s only one this time.

Thanks for feedback!


I like this, I suggest fixing the lighting a tad bit, that’s it though, it’s pretty good.

Yeah, not gonna lie It’s hard to do lighting when you make the background on blender because it is kinda hard then (I rendered the char together with the ground)


It could be just the lighting and shadows but it kinda looks like the knees are floating.

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They aren’t It’s the shadows, I added the floor and made sure that nothing is floating.


The shadows look kinda odd and doesn’t really seem like he’s kneeling on the floor. The ice/snow material also looks a bit off in my opinion.

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The lighting and shadow could use more work, and as a lot of people here have said, the knees do look like it’s floating. Make sure to add core shadows on where matter is hitting the floor more, in this case, it’s the knees so the shadows under it should be a bit darker.

The whole piece seems low-res but it looks fine
(Also personal preference but the black “shadow” border seems off)

Keep up the good work!

I think the main subject is good, simple but effective.

I agree the things the other users have mentioned about the lighting/shadow looking off. For example, there are some artifacts around the green bit of the hockey stick.
My main grasp is with the vignetting. It’s very boxy and too harsh. Perhaps you should try a more subtle, elliptical vignette.
The signature you used in your other post “Luffy with explosion” looks much nicer. I would use that one over the current one.