Opinions on gfx I made?

Here is the gfx.

I made this gfx out of pure boredness what do you guys think about it?
Also I am selling it for 350 but I have had no offers am I overcharging?


Looks great!
Love the lighting, characters and poses. The bump works really nicely with the character up front.
Only thing I’d say is that the bump on some of the rigs seems a bit harsh:

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yeah I feel you I just did that because I was tired and was trying to add detail

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Seems you have the same solution to quick 3D effects as me. :wink:
Still, for a gfx made out of pure boredom it can’t get much better.

You aren’t allowed to sell items on devforum.

I am not selling items? I asked about pricing not saying I want to sell here.

I like how you made the person falling have a blur effect.

The textures on people’s shirts look quite odd.

He isn’t selling it here, he was just asking if he is overpricing it. He’s probably selling it somewhere else, like a Discord server.