Opinions on logo for my game!?

Opinions on the logo for my game! I recently made this logo, and would love to have your opinions here!



Hi there!
I really like the details and the colors on this logo, keep up the good work! :cowboy_hat_face:

No complaints or critiques to this, it looks great! :zombie:

It looks awesome, but I think you could maybe add something around the logo because there is still a bunch of space.

Feels very bland, I would maybe have more detail like arms reaching from the bottom and maybe a smidge more detail on the eye

Effects used to the text “Monster Simulator” is so good. And of course , the matching spiral background makes it even :fire:

I followed off of another logo, but thank you!

That logo is really cool as the eye and the slime makes the actual words stand out and I love the colour green

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Problem is when everyone bases their idea off of one thing with little to no change they all end up being the same, gotta do something to stand out

It’s really well-made, don’t get me wrong, but the logo doesn’t really stand out. If I were to look at your logo grouped up with others, yours wouldn’t catch my attention too much. The title is great, but the background feels too empty and simplistic. Maybe add some type of illustration of a monster and make the Os in the words as eyes? Other than that, it’s good!

That looks awesome!
For the “Simulator” text(white), try making the slime above the text instead of below(layer-wise) to make the dripping seem more realistic.