Opinions on mesh build?

Some constructive criticism would be nice, this is a small battle royale map that I have been working on for a small while and if you have any improvements post them below.



In terms of building. This is very impressive, in terms of lighting … Its really not that good, try adding in a Color Contrast to give the image an more grim approach in my opinion


Yeah definitely, however it’s like that so I can actually see what I’m doing but thanks for the quick reply.


It’s a great map. Perhaps some dead trees and some mountains in the background would make it better. Seeing the map just cut off at the edge of the world looks quite strange, unless you’ve got that taken care of?


It’s an island with bridges either end that are broken.

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Looks great to me the only thing that needs improving is the lighting like Jayson said but you need to see what you’re doing.


I like the level of detail and debris. The only thing that strikes me as a bit off is how in Screenshot 9 there are buildings that are very askew to the road. Usually, at least the face of the building is parallel to the street, and a building with a front balcony would be set back far enough that the balcony does not overhang the road.

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Very good point that will be changed.