Opinions on my game?

This is my first DevForum post, and I’d like to use it to ask: what are your opinions on my game? It’s similar to Sword Fight on the Heights. I’m not that experienced with coding and building, and I usually get a lot of codes and help from DevForum.

Game: Sword Fighting on the Plates of Fire I - Roblox


Need’s more detail and also your need to remove the defaul player list, And also fix your gui sizes.


Let’s have asword fight if your down!

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A few comments.

First of all, there doesn’t seem like much to do and it doesn’t feel different from the original Sword Fight game (if you could explain what’s different that would help).

Secondly, I would work on the GUIs (hiding the tab list and making the gamepass button look better)

I also think changing the price of the gamepass to like 30 Robux would make people more likely to buy it and probably result in more profits.

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Thanks for the feedback. And yes, I’d be down to sword fight!

Thanks for all the feedback! I’m not new to making games, but all the ones I’ve made suck. :sweat_smile:

Updated gamepass to 30 Robux.