Opinions on my GFX

Opinions/tips on my gfx? Let me know. I’m up for hire aswell.


Very nice! Try adding a better backround.

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Yeah, that’s what I was thinking.

The posing is great. One suggestion is adding a blue light behind to add a blue highlight to the character.

Realism (if you have experience)
If you want to add some realism you can add a bump node for the hat/cookie/weapon using the texture they have. You can also add emission to the weapon to add more lighting.

Watching blender tutorials (not just roblox ones) for fun can be very educational, and they can be helpful for lighting, using nodes, posing, and modelling.
Good work.

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I really like your posing, and your lighting is decent, but as someone already mentioned, adding a background will definitely help improve your GFX. This is probably the main thing, and you could also make some minor lighting changes.

For that background, I think having different objects or rendered models at different distances away from the camera helps add perspective and depth to the GFX, which I think makes GFX look way better than just having a single character against a plain background, but your choice in the end.

The blue outline around the character looks a bit off to me. I feel like it’s a bit inconsistent in different places, like with how far it goes from the edge of the model, or the amount of blur. It’s not bad, but I think it could be slightly improved. I think it would be interesting if you added some of this glow to the sword the character is holding, as well as adding some blueish bounce light to your character, like on the side of the face, hands, maybe even the cookie a bit as well. This will make the lighting look a bit more dynamic, and it will look like the blue glow is throwing some light against your avatar.

Not a bad GFX overall. Also, feel free to ignore my advice if you want, or you can use it, up to you.

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