Opinions on my inpsired UI

Well im just trying to get some opinions on a inspired Ui when you see it you’ll know where I was inspired from…

Oh and there is music but my screen recorder is acting funny


It looks great, however maybe make the center light less brighter.

Edit: 02%20PM I also just noticed that this is a bit off. Don’t know about everyone else but uh, it makes me uncomfortable.I would also agree with:

Maybe make them smaller, or a different style.


Nice! You’ve really caught the core of the sims ui. The circles and the green Roblox logo look a little squished, though it could just be me. There isn’t really anything I feel needs to be changed, though the lighting seems a little off. Good luck with this, and have a good day.
Edit: just saw @A_nxieties replied about the lighting already


Looks really good man i like it, things that gotta be fixed.

  1. The arrows are not centered, as by looking at it the left is over more and the right one is less .

  2. Try changing the colors, on the check mark! to like a green color.

  3. You should turn the light in the back. Of the character a bit down it’s a little to bright!!

That’s really! keep it up man hope to see the final changes to this very soon…!

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Actually i think thats the lower bar thats not centered and i used a color correction effect but thank you

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Thank you for pointing that out ill fix that

As @A_nxieties and @AllThingsMilk said, some objects are squished
you could try using UIAspectRatioConstraints to fix that

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