Opinions on my Live event[UPDATE]

Hi need Tunnells a terrain artist scripter and builder and i need

opinions and feedback on my first live event !
The terrain is a bit of because its one of my first projects



Can you show us a video so that we can look at your full live event?

Sneek peak

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Let me give you the link

This is my Opinion
The game has a wonderful view, landscape and also Asset but the game itself have a lot of Problem and that was “The Rocket”. “The Rocket” has a problem on the launch itself to space but the rocket itself just got stuck because of the rain border. so I suggest that you make the rain border un-collide or negate the part so that the rocket can go through the border rain.
However, when the Live event over, I can go out of the map before the wall appears so I think you need to make the player stay the same spot before the wall appears.

I think you have a good live event and to make your live event much cooler was making the asset little bit less texture and make the live event that has related to an event when it ends

Anyway, thanks for showing me the game that your working currently and I hope you have a wonderful day

Thanks i add more stuff to the game daily currently i want to learn how to make a character position so when the wall come in it teleports all players to that position and the rocket is a bug i got while using serverstorage it removed the rain but not the part. So the rocket had a hard time getting out. Thanks for you feedback :grinning:

Your live-event is alright, however some of the things may need to change.

What I saw was a rocket ship that flew in the air, which was pretty cool.

The tornado segment was awesome, but the tornado only appeared for a very short amount of time, and the tornado disappeared suddenly.

After that, there was some forcefield effect going on, and some walls went up, I am not too sure what is the context behind that is.

Perhaps you could make a GUI that gives context on what is going on, sorta like Jailbreak’s Live-Event gui message system?

Overall, this live-event is pretty cool, but some segments are a-bit confusing. Good luck on your project, and I hope to see more of your work around the roblox developer forums!

Im trying to make a cutscenes like it would have a gui at the bottom but im unable to do so i tried puting the gui in serverstorage then parenting it to the startergui but it doesnt work and i will make the tornado segment longer thanks for your feedback :smiley:

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I joined the game for a bit walked around, love the map.

Then I was put into some invisible wall where the live event started.

It showed this

And after a couple of seconds I was kicked saying the live event was over.

I have no idea what happen lol, it might just be my pc being bad or it was glitched.
Not sure.

O sorry that happened because of 2 reasons one the event started and someone left the server leading to it leaving on that frame it should all be fixed sorry for the inconvenience.

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That terrain is really good, just wondering whether you made that tree like that on purpose.


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O yes i made that on purpose im not the best with blender :grimacing:

Dude, that terrain looks really good!

Thanks! im getting back into terrain.


At the boss screen or something like that, the message was not in the middle. It was slightly to the right.

O sorry it was a bit rushed :grimacing:

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