Opinions on my logo?

I have recently been working on logo design and I would like some criticism/feedback on my second logo. :smiley:

LOL nice job it seems I misspelled opinions and spelled ‘onions’ I swear im not a troll


It’s a pretty normal logo, personally I like that kind. I wish you success, I don’t think you have anything to add.

:onion: :onion: :onion:

Looks very cool! I would delete the blurred text though.
And some lower text?
Or center the Logo


this is awesome! may i ask what you use for your logo design???

But where are the onions? :frowning:

Edit: rip to all the latecomers that dont understand the joke


It looks pretty good, but you might want to add more underneath the words. It looks kind of empty down there. Just put some stuff that has to do with the game. I also think that it looks the same as every other logo you see on Roblox. Maybe try to make it more unique and different. It seems like everyone is using those same rounded letters and has two things sticking out on the sides that have to do with the game. It seems like you are pretty good at this, so if you fix these, you could make a really good logo.

Center it, and replace the photo with something that captures the eyes.
That’s all I have to say.

nic- wait a minute. UNIONS???

anyways, nice logo

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Very good but dont forget to add a watermark onto your Logos/Art/Idk what u also do.

Because People Steal

Recommend changing this to ‘Opinion’ :rofl:

Feedback: Looks pretty pleasant however the text itself needs to be central, good job!


Are you cutting onions :rofl:

Anyways you made a good logo it gives me a 8bit vibe I don’t know but sure.

I have a good onion on your logo, you did a great job. :onion:

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Amazing job, it looks great for your second time making this. Would be cool if you made an onion that grows on the cactus :sunglasses:

But overall, keep practicing and you’ll improve more!

ONIONS!?!?! :onion:

Anyways, looks nice! Did you make the cacti icons? They look really good! But the name for the game will be bad… “The Desert”. That would probably not get a lot of visits.

Center the text and make the background a little bit darker. Brighter colours get more attention, which is useless for the background.

I really love the cartoon theme to this logo; however, I would add a little more texture onto the text in the future. Other than that, amazing work! :tada:

Not gonna lie I expected this to be a troll post based on the title.

It’s really generic. I’ve seen this style of logo a ton.

If you don’t have photoshop, a good free alternative is https://www.photopea.com/, HowToRoblox posted a video on how to create one; How to Make a LOGO for FREE | HowToRoblox - YouTube.

I can’t give you :onion:'s on your creation, but I can give an opinion!

It looks pretty good! Keep it up.

Awesome logo although I don’t see any onions on it. Here is one with onions: