Opinions On my UI Pack

Hi I’m Tunnells I new UI Designer I would like to show you my first UI Pack for a game I’m making. I started Making UI about a week ago.
If you want to order your own UI my contacts are
Discord Tunnells#2098
Twitter @Tunnells3


I like it! It’s simple and modern.
Just one thing: is those guis will be on mobile make them more visible, because mobile players will find difficult to read the text in your ui.
And add watermark, because anyone can steal your images / assets.

PS: Sorry for the bad english

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I didnt add a watermark because most of the UI has my name on it :smiley:

Yes but it can be removes easily by someone, so I suggest to add a semi-transparent watermark.
Anyway good job :+1:t2:

I like it overall but not this part


The “BUY” button’s position doesn’t fit. Good job

Thanks but i lifted the Ui for effect

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I really like it! It is modern and simple on the eyes. But the font is really weird. when you read “Queued” Then it looks like you’re looking to this “Q ueued” That’s a minus point for me.

I really like your UI Design! It’s nice, smooth, modern. Keep up the wonderful work! :smile:

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The font is just very unusual, I agree. It doesn’t seem to fit nor scale properly with the UI. Always make sure the font you choose is readable, because usability always comes before style.

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Woah this is super nice! I like the theme, and how everything kind of matches. I love the font as well. It’s not too confusing, but it has the perfect balance of everything! I suggest making the text a bit larger for mobile players though! x

Very well put-together. A solid thing to look at indeed. Consider:

  1. On the green “BUY” buttons, make the “BUY” text the same dark grey at the background/button colour. You can see it up close, but smaller versions of two bright colours are harder to see and distinguish.

  2. Rounded corners are great! Well done. I would personally try to keep all of it the same style though. Either rectangle with rounded corners (like the larger frames) or rectangle with circular edges (the buy button, song ID, and code slots). Uniformity provides a cleaner UI design as opposed to different, but separately clean styles.

  3. The shop title in the middle, as opposed to off to the side. It’s not uniform with the other 3 frames.

Very well done though, a solid concept and execution.

The general concept and colour scheme of these UIs look good, the only thing that’s bugging me is the close buttons -

They’re unproportionate and look out of place, plus they’re very inconsistent with size and roundness.
Other than that they look great!

Hello @Tunnells. I love your UIs. This looks amazing. What did you use to make this?

Adope photoshop 2020 :slight_smile: