Opinions on our game

Hello! I am the scripter of nexo studios and our game is called Long Leg Obby. I need a few opinions on it.

What do you like about the game?

What do you not like about the game?

What needs improved?

Anything else?

Game Link: Long Leg Obby - Roblox


it’s very original, I’ve never seen such an obby before!

We do no spawn with our own Roblox characters.

You should probably try making those UI’s a bit better!

It honestly is pretty good! You guys did a great job on that, Congratulations!


very unique
very cool

it’s very engaging and doesn’t get boring
nothing much really
it reminds me of the long arm obby! super cool!

I love the uniqueness of the game.

I dont like how the animations are still the basic r6. Something funny would work splendidly

The boring ‘obby’ part of the game if you know what I mean.

Great job!

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What do you like about the game?
The concept is unique and enjoyable. I played until stage 40 because I was having fun.

What do you not like about the game?
The long leg clips through the ground on checkpoint parts and doesn’t do that anywhere else in the game, which makes it really jarring in my opinion. (I got a little used to it as I played but it was definitely something I had to get the feel for)

What needs improvement?
Add an indicator for what stage you are on if you move back in stages. Currently, there isn’t a way to instantly move to your current stage. I thought the arrow to the right of the stage number box would do that but it just closed the timer.

Anything else?
These are just small things I noticed while playing

The sign on level 2 showing how to change stages shows a different UI than the game currently has. I would suggest updating the sign to show the change.

On stage 15, the ‘cloud’ text feels a little lazy. You can easily put a couple cubes together and make clouds that way that would still fit the gameplay and aesthetic.

In Zone 4, the music loop is very short and has a very obvious looping point (when the music dies down and picks back up again)

~Hopefully this feedback helps~ :smiley: