Opinions on staying on-task for a large game

Hey there, I have some thoughts and such for a somewhat big Roblox game (at least for me).

The game will have custom rigs, high quality grass, ground, trees, bushes, (maybe river) and a house.

The problem: I have a pretty hard time staying on-task or actually working on the project. Does anyone know if there is a good order of operation that can help me stay on-task? I don’t want this game to end up like the 20 other games in my past builds that have just never been finished.


This more of fits into the #development-discussion category.
Cause you are asking how to stay on task.
If it were more of you need help building that would be #help-and-feedback:building-support.

And as for your question.
I would not know what to say.
Personally me, I have a very strong will power, so I always force myself to keep working(And yes I most of the time enjoy doing it so dont worry!)


Usually, when I derail from my main tasks when working, I end up scrolling on social media for engaging and fun content. What helps me to stay focused is to split my screen, having my task on one half, and then a video/gameplay/cooking blog (or pretty much whatever your interests are) on the other half. Podcasts also work, and music can also motivate you. This helps me consume this “fun content” without interrupting my workflow and it keeps me entertained and even concentrated while at it.
Also, keeping yourself organized will always be helpful when it comes to having a constant and fruitful developing session. I’d recommend a routine that goes something like:

  • Working and finishing all tree rigs (including the base models and all of their variations and texturing)
  • Taking a small break
  • Working and finishing all bush rigs

And so on until you finish. Remember that taking breaks is important and it’ll keep you motivated and let you recover energy.
I hope this helps and good luck with whatever you’re developing at the moment!