Opinions on these UI's

Hey all!

My developers and I have been working on UI’s for my bakery recently. We would like some feedback and tips for the UI’s.

So first, this is a tutorial UI, so if a person is new to the game (1st time visiting) This UI would show

In the second UI,

This is a underage kicker,

Meaning, if you are under example 10 days, you would get kicked,
and this UI would show.

The development team would love your feedback on this.

(designed by wind_owss)


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First one shouldn’t bounce back in after leaving. The moment it’s gone the next UI should come in. It’s an unnecessary use of bouncing for the sake of it and it detracts from the experience in my opinion.

Second one shouldn’t exist.

On a positive note the big buttons are nice. Very friendly for visually-impaired, or mobile users, or just people who like big, obvious, appropriately-coloured buttons.


We added the second one so people would know why they are being kicked etc.

In most underage kick systems, it just kicks you with no context.

Thanks for the feedback!

Imagine being a new user to Roblox and every game kicks you for the first 10 days. It would instantly put people off playing. Age kick systems are a truly terrible idea and if you’re asking for user experience feedback, my feedback is that they are a bad idea and horrible practice.

However, the concept of a modal popup in the event of something happening (whether that’s a kick, or a bit of info) should not overlap like that with other parts of the UI, especially parts that are no longer of use. I usually have modals with the highest ZIndex and have a 50% opacity dark layer below it to bring focus to the modal only


Did not think of it that way.

Yeah, I can agree with you 100%.

We will take this into consideration.

Perhaps be more creative? Than just text, and answers? I am also not a fan of the colors idk if that is just me but it’s an opinion lol.

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Love the uis but the White Shadow dosent fit in with it

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The colors don’t go well together. I wish I could expand on why they don’t go together, but I’m not good with color theory.

If you’re looking for some modern color palettes, check out this Flat UI Colors site.


These UIs you have designed look fine, although I would recommend the “bounce” in the first video be removed. I would also suggest changing the font of the text, and slightly change the background colour of the UI.

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These aren’t bad, but i like a darker Color instead of White more behind the Light Colors :stuck_out_tongue:

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First gif looks nice however white outlines looks a bit odd. Maybe for orange ui this could be a darker orange. For blue button it could be a darker blue etc.

I don’t think kicking underaged accounts is a terrible idea for your game because people wouldn’t want to wait 10 days to play a game. If you are really sure about it then the tutorial ui should bounce back and the kick gui should bounce in after it bounces back.

Good luck on your project it looks really nice :grin:

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I don’t really have any opinion on this one. It’s just decent and also too many bounces?

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The UI you designed looks really good, i would suggest you change the background color to a more darker or a lighter color instead of. Having the orange background it doesn’t go well.

You should also change the first, UI button to a different color so it will go well with the background color over all you. Really done a great job on your design hope to! see more from you soon.

Keep up the good work!!