Opinions on this?

This is the bakery we are going to use for my bakery,
Do you guys have any suggestions/tips/feedback to improve it?

PLEASE NOTE: IT IS NOT DONE and we want to bring your suggestions into it.

Credits to Zenthorus.


This look really well done and detailed! :+1: If I was interested in the bakery stuff on Roblox, I’d definitely visit the place again.

My only little critique is that it’s a bit dark at one part of the floor.


Havent noticed that! Thank you for bringing this to my attention.


This looks really nice, like all the details you put in it.

My Suggestions

1.In the open area i’ll add, some tables chairs and some lights hanging. From the ceiling part and you can add some stairs going from one floor to another, and on the wall part you can maybe add your own bakery logo there…

2.I would suggest you but some lights over there. To the wall as you can see there is some dark areas over there, on the floor and the wall!!

This is good bakery you have made. Keep up the hard work!


Great work, this looks absolutely gorgeous. Love the color scheme, the lighting, and detail in this build. :+1:


I feel like it should have a bit more texture on the floor, but for the most part very good I love all the details on it


Will you be baking the bread on the ceiling? Cuz’ those lamps are fire! :fire:


Thank you all, Zenthorus was glad to read these.


I really do like the lighting


This is an amazing build! I love the amount of detail put into this, as well as the lighting. I’d recommend a second floor, that has a sort of “indoor balcony” style, which has tables.


This is a grand bakery!

The front of house structure and lighting look amazing! Some ideas and thoughts I have,

Detail Consistency

You are very detailed throughout your piece, so I believe the far wall should also be consistent with that detail. A fireplace or house plants could really fit in there. On the note of detail, I would approach the paintings differently; simple watercolors would fit great.

Color Review

As far as colors, you have a lot of wood, brick, and lights; browns and hot colors. For contrast I might add some green plants, maybe a blue rug. However, I see the location is well forested, so that is your call on any indoor vegetation. I do think it would match up well.

Honestly, I am very interested about the bakery’s kitchen. Would love to see that in later development. Anyway, Amazing Build! I can tell a lot of work was put into it.


im just a nitpicker, but for my taste theres way too much going on at the ceiling, nice work though


For a second there I thought I it wasn’t roblox :happy1:
Very nice work :+1:
My one critique is the open ceiling in the top left, is it meant to be like that?

This looks absolutely amazing, I love the detail put int other design however I do have a few improvements to suggest;

  • Lighting should reach the other 50% of the space to it hits the ground
  • (As someone has already said) there is a blank wall, you could put a feature wall there

Lastly from a business aspect you should consider the viability of this design in comparison to your target market as it were. This build may be hard to load and play in for those with lower performance PCs, you could try adding a basic materials option which may remove lights, neon particles etc.

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I like it. Very good detail and lighting. I would visit this bakery-even in real life.

Decoration on the floor would be nice. Maybe tables idk.

It looks fantastic, but I do have a small pet peeve with excessive ceiling features such as what you have here. I would suggest that you spread the different lighting features across the entire area of the ceiling as this looks rather compressed right now.

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Thanks! I’m a fan of your work aswell

This looks very good, I would just like to point out Like @Lugical & @jordonh23 pointed out about the lighting. But still looks awesome!

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:slight_smile: Glad to hear it! Also… I’ll be sure to bake some bread! :smiley: